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Company Profile

Wuxi Commander Consulting Company

Taiwan Commander Consulting Company

Consultation Service of Factory Management :

•Business and Quality Management Improvement
•Matrix Structure Implementation
•KPI Management
•Management System and SCM Set Up
•OEM Audit Support
•Lean Production
•GHG Emission Management

Industry 4.0 :

•Fraunhofer Authorized Project Management
•Maturity Review
•Smart Manufacturing Planning
•Automation Planning

Factory Investment and  Set Up:

•Construction and E&M Planning
•Fixed Cost Contract
•Project Management

Shanghai Commander Energy Company

Guangdong Commander New Energy Company

Business Development :

•SIAC Strategic Partner
•New Energy Vehicle Parts Marketing and Sale
•New Energy Vehicle Parts Development
•Stainless Steel Piping for Hydrogen Gas Station

Energy Technology and Carbon Neutral :

•Energy Management System Implementation
•Energy Saving Planning
•GHG Quantification and Improvement

Our Mission is to support our customer producing high quality products, getting high efficient performance, reducing cost, using green power, and forming optimal organization for long term development.